Why Teachers Resent Internet for Solving Mathematics Task?

Today, with the advancement of the Internet, teachers are constantly worried that the students are finding an easy way out for algebra or calculus homework writing assignments. They fear that the students are not gaining proper knowledge, which will ultimately hamper their academic career.

Now, let us delve deep into the matter.

What Are the Aspects that the Teachers Are So Worried About?

Teachers always wish the best for their students. Thus, they are genuinely concerned with students resorting to the Internet to solve their trigonometry or algebra homework writing assignments. They are worried that the students are:

Not Getting Assistance from Legitimate Sources

It has been observed that the students resort to academic service providers to get their tasks done. Here, the teachers fear that the students are not learning important topics such as number system, algebra, geometry etc. if they are continually taking help from professional experts.

Furthermore, the teachers are concerned that some of the academic service providers are not legitimate. Hence, students are receiving inaccurate answers in their assignments.

2. Copy-pasting the Answers Directly from the Net

Another frightening aspect that the teachers are worried about is the fact that the students are using the Internet for all the wrong reasons. They copy-paste solutions directly from the Internet. Hence, they do not learn the techniques or the formula required to solve the numerical.

3. Learning Incorrect Techniques from the Internet

Most of the times, the solutions that are provided on the Internet are not authentic. However, the students are unable to decide for themselves which website is legitimate. Thus, the teachers worry that students are learning incorrect procedures to solve an algebra or calculus question.

4. Including Plagiarized Content in Project Work

Algebra homework writing or project works require individual input. The students cannot rip-off other author’s work while they are working on a project or writing a thesis (students pursuing a master’s degree).

However, with the widespread use of the Internet, teachers are concerned with the fact that students insert plagiarized content in their academic papers.

As you can see, the issues stated above are genuine, and the teachers have every reason to worry about the academic growth of the students in mathematics. However, there are ways to handle the issues, which have been discussed below.

What Should the Teachers Do?

In order to resolve the issues easily, the teachers should refrain from allotting homework assignments frequently. In order to check the progress of the students in mathematics, they should:

  1. Assign Tasks in the Class Itself

The teachers should assign algebra homework writing assignments to the students in the class itself or arrange for extra study sessions.

2. Conduct Tests

The teachers should conduct occasional tests to check how the students fare in the exams, to make sure whether they understood the subject matter.

3. Arrange for Doubt-clearing Sessions

The professors should arrange for doubt-clearing sessions to examine the issues that the students are facing with trigonometry or algebra homework writing.

Hence, if the teachers stick to the suggestions mentioned above, they won’t have to worry about students resorting to the Internet for mathematics assistance.


With the Internet service at their disposal, students often make bad choices when it comes to solving the mathematics task. The article highlights the aspects that the teachers are worried about and how they can resolve the issues.

Author Bio: Alley John has an MBA and is a guest lecturer in several B-schools. He is also the marketing head of the MyAssignmenthelp.com. In him free time, Alley likes to write and travel around the world.