What You Need To Know About The Teaching License System In The UAE

For years, the United Arab Emirates, has been working tirelessly to significantly increase the quality of education offered within its territory. Since 2017 and the introduction of the TLS (teachers licensing system), teacher certification exams are held every year. These exams focus on making a teacher proficient in the method of their teaching and specialize them in the subjects they teach.

How to be considered for a teaching license

To be a teacher in the UAE, one pass through the criteria mentioned by the ministry of education. The Following are the UAE Ministry of Education requirements:

  •  The applicant must carry a degree of at least a bachelor’s degree or a 4-year university degree or higher in the required field they teach in.
  • They should not have committed any sort of crime.
  • Their medical fitness report from within the UAE.
  • Original education certificates.
  • Attested certificates of the degree in case of the applicant studying from abroad. The certificate must be attested by the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation and the country of origin’s embassy in the UAE.

The life of teachers in UAE

He who becomes a UAE certified teacher brings in an average amount $3000-$4000 a month. Some institutes offer multiple fringe benefits to their teachers such as, an apartment for rent, medical insurance but just to be safe, one should always have these benefits written down in the contract. The good news is that teachers’ wages in Dubai are tax-free so what you earn is what you keep.

Feedback on the system

                TLS has been widely accepted with joy and gratitude as it has raised the quality of life for the teachers and the quality of education given to the students in UAE. The rise in knowledgeable people amongst the community has become apparent and the structure of the system in terms of discipline and knowledge results in a superior skilled mindset of the workforce available.


  1. How do I get a license to teach in the UAE?

To get a teaching license, one must meet the minimum criteria mentioned by the ministry of education and be registered within the TLS system and appear in the UAE teachers license exam.

  1. What if I have an international teaching license?

The TLS registration form contains the international license section where the applicant must provide the required documents. The application will be reviewed by a professional committee to determine if the license is recognized or not.

  1. Can I get my license online?

No, currently there is no online license certification within the UAE, the only way to attain a license is through the TLS examinations.

  1. Is it mandatory to avail the license?

Yes, the ministry of education has made it mandatory for all those who wish to teach in the UAE, to avail the license by the end of the year 2020