Truly Incredible Adventurer in India

India is a dynamic culture with beliefs and philosophies that often cures people’s everyday lives and what we need to do. Obviously, for all the lunacy and fervor in our world, our environments had to focus on the citizens we are. Almost all of these places are built by humans, some of them are natural, but most of them will give us pleasure.

The charming villages, located next to a broad range of environments, are beautiful in every quad and bookshelf in India.

Showcasing the riskiest areas in India.

1. Phugtal Monastery.

Located in Ladakh, this mystical monastery, known as the Phugtal Gompa, is constructed in the shape of a honeycomb carved into the face of the cliffside. A sudden and dramatic climb to the spot and very small food choices allow this a location to go. The breathtaking heights are normal to the locals, but it may be hard for someone else to do so.

2.Bastar-Swarming with Naxals.

This Chattisgarh region is home to stunning, high-ranking forests and rivers. Even the large and abandoned forest is the ideal location for guerrilla action making this natural heaven a Naxal movement cesspool. Several of the region’s attacks and ambushes have maintained small footfalls but high body counts.

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3. Dras- The world’s 2nd coldest living place.

 Also identified as the’ Portal to Ladakh,’ this town in J&K; is renowned for being one of the spots targeted during the Kargil Battle and commonly a high militancy place. However, it is also the world’s second snowiest earthlike region. And if you are lucky enough not to be shot down by a military invasion force, you also have to suffer heat stroke: not always perfect chances.

4. The Thar Desert.

Perhaps this eternal sandscape is beautiful beyond imagination, yet it’s also a beauty that hides a blow. Arid and dry weather, even if you’re well prepared with water and fuel, make it hard to navigate. There is also the presence blade Scaled Viper, the massive Rat Snake, Black Cobra, Sand Boa, feral cats and several other animals that are simply able to bite their heads off (not necessarily, but you get the sense of it).

5. Khardung La.

The highest motorized road in the world is located in Ladakh, a three-hour drive from Leh. The winding roads, high altitudes, and strong sunshine are coming together to give the bladders of most people a run for their money. Things also go a little further than complications with the stomach, so let’s assume that doesn’t happen.

6. Interior Assam.

The Lumding / Haflong area is both beautiful and frightening. The majestic natural forest and wildlife compare sharply with the brutalities that Wolverine, the criminal group that targets these parts and regularly kidnaps train employees and engineers, perpetrated. It’s one of the most horrific train roads across.

7. Pamban Bridge.

This road, which links Rameshwaram to middle India, is, in reality, a train over the ocean! But, if this wasn’t shocking enough, it still has a system that allows ships to move beneath, at one time allowing 12 men to pull levers and adjust the climb manually. This structure, even, is a Hundred years old, turning it even more toxic.


In Meghalaya, Siju is home to mystical lime-lighted caves as well as one of the world’s most prominent hanging bridges. Tied up among two peaks in the Rockies, this poorly constructed bridge made of chipping wood and gnawed rope is guaranteed to give you more than a few wounds.

9.Chambal Valley.

The Chambal Valley in Middle India has been regarded as the penetrating floor of some of the most deadly Dakoos in the world for decades. This region has also held a certain mystery combined with an absolute challenge with steep ravines, a massive river as a water supply and numerous labyrinthine caves.

10. Kailash Manasarovar Pilgrimage.

The journey contains hiking up to a dizzying 18,000-foot height to snap a picture of Mount Kailash. Whereas some yogis and enthusiasts do it shoeless every year and only wear a loincloth, the rest of the first-timers have to struggle with heat exhaustion, fatigue, and blurred vision. Yikes … Geez!

 11. Hemis National Park.

The mountainous terrain of such a Ladakh pilgrimage is just the first of many difficulties one encounters here. The temperature is below -20 degrees and there is also more than the normal number of snow leopards in the area. On the other side, if even one of those leopards snaps off a frozen foot you certainly won’t taste it!

12. Gurez Valley.

As it is also called, Gurez or Gerais has situated 120 km from Srinagar, just below the Line of Control. Such close proximity to this terse environment has influenced the residents, with accounts of scattered landmines blown off all the legs of men. This is also particularly vulnerable to landslide, having witnessed 80 avalanches in 3 days already. However, the risk of this chaotic environment is balanced by the magnificence around.

13. Bhangarh Fort.

Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan is renowned worldwide for both its natural beauty and its haunting interiors. People still stay in the periphery of the fort through fear of demonic spirits, and the fort is closed to tourists at nighttime because of many early kidnappings and fatalities of adrenaline junkies, including reports of people insane at the fort.

14.Kuldhara – The disappearing village.

Kuldhara used to be a prosperous Rajasthan small town some 300 years ago with a stable community and strong neighborly ties. However, now it sits as a ghost city, ravaged by the ravages of time and holding an eery disquiet. History states that all of Kuldhara’s decent citizens and its surrounding villages went up and vanished in 1825, not to ever be there anymore. Extraterrestrial massacres appear probable…

These all are the most fearful places in Indias. If you want some kicks in your life then definitely these places are for you. Go there and get some kicks. For more travel knowledge goto American Airlines Reservation site”.