Toyota Corolla 2020 Detailed Car Review, Specifications and Features

Corolla has been giving reliable and cheap transportation services to the

buyers for a long time. It is an impressive compact car with excellent fuel

economy and driver assist features. Toyota Corolla has two variants of

sedan and hatchback. While the last generation of Corolla did not have

much character and style, this year’s model ticks off all these requirements.

So let’s take a look at this car in detail.

Engine and Performance

A 4-cylinder, 1.8 liter engine is nestled inside the car which produces 139

hp. The engine is paired with a standard CVT which feels inconsistent in

delivering power and does not offer fast acceleration either. An optional

inline-4, 2 liter engine is for the sedan version whereas it is standard in the

hatchback variant. This inline-4 engine provides 169 hp but it is not fast

either. Nevertheless, this additional engine is a delightful improvement over

a much weaker base engine. There is also a choice of transmission with

this additional engine between a better CVT or a 6-speed smooth manual.

This compact car gets a good fuel economy which is 30 mpg in the city with

the base engine and 38 mpg on the highway. The fuel economy figures get

even more improved if the optional engine is paired with CVT. In this case,

it is 31 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway. However, a range of

29-36 mpg is given by the manual transmission.

A new suspension system was incorporated in the Corolla 2020 which

enhanced the performance of the car as compared to the previous

generations. This suspension is tuned in both sedan and hatchback models

for a sportier feel. The weight distribution is perfectly balanced even at low

speed. Cornering is done with convenience and the car remains in

composure throughout.

Toyota Corolla Interior

Toyota Corolla can seat 5 people easily. There is moderate space in the

front and rear seats. The higher trims have sports seats which offer support

and side bolstering so that the passengers can be comfortable on long

travels. The hatchback model gets some complaints regarding the lack of

space because the sloping roofline cuts the headroom down due to which

little space is given to the second row. The sedan version has enough

space in back seats but it’s still lower than the previous model. Moving on

to the cargo space, the sedan version offers 13 cubic feet in the trunk

whereas the hatchback gives 17.8 cubic feet and 23.3 cubic feet when the

back seats are folded down. These figures fall a bit short because compact

cars have better storage space. Even though the opening of the trunk is

huge, the space is hampered by the large hinges in the trunk which lessen

the cargo space. And the back seats do fold down but not totally which is

why big items can not be loaded in the trunk space. However, the sedan

version has the utility of folding the second row completely which provides

a wide storage space to carry stuff in bulk.

Overall, the interior has a rich, minimalistic and sophisticated design.

Infotainment system is well-built, user-friendly and intuitive in both the

variants. The touchscreen display is situated at the top of the dashboard in

order to access it easily. The quality of the materials which were used to

make the interior is just average but they are soft to the touch.

Toyota Corolla Features

The interior features include a 7-inch touchscreen display, voice recognition

and voice commands, a USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, push-button

start, Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa capability, a bin underneath the

armrest, a useful tray at the front of center console and a built-in WiFi

hotspot. Almost all of the controls are in one place and there are physical

buttons at the screen side. The audio volume and radio tuning are

controlled by the physical knobs on the side of the screen. Whereas the

big, easily accessible knobs to operate climate control are situated under

the touchscreen.

The higher trims contain an 8-inch touchscreen and a better functionality of

Entune app. Some optional features include satellite radio, navigation, HD

radio, heated front seats, upgraded interior lighting, dual-zone climate

control, a 9-speaker JBL high-quality audio system, a 7-inch digital driver

information display and a wireless phone charging facility.

Since the car has extreme reliability, active safety gear is included which

contains adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist and automated

emergency braking.

With outstanding reliability, excellent fuel economy and a lot of tech gear,

Buyingused Toyota Corolla is one of the best compact cars to own.