Tips For Introverts In A Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are great for making new friends and building new connections. Of course, these are going to help you in the long run.

While making friends and facing new people is a piece of cake for most people, it is NOT for a few people.

Introverts- that group of people who find happiness within themselves, who can be on their own and well, would be on their last rung to interact much beyond themselves

With having to face new people, having to converse with them, and to gel into the coworking culture, it takes a bit of the strength for introverts to be okay and comfortable and not act weird around people.

Understanding and accepting if you have an introvert shade is the first step towards dealing with the challenges that you might face.

If you are an introvert trying to make it through each day of your coworking space, here’s the ultimate guide for you to rock each of your days. If you are an extrovert in a coworking space, understand the other one and act accordingly. 

NB: Do not confuse introverts with anti-socials and introverts are not that group of people who do not like interacting, but are those people who will need a recharge by being alone and they can be great communicators in the right time and right group.

Try Out The Introvert Starter Package

You can start by being yourselves because it is a new place and you cannot just change your world all of a sudden.

Find a seat where you can be comfortable and be free from the involuntary talk that may arise.

You can engage in the small greetings on your way to pantry or washrooms. Do not try to “sneak around” when space empties only. Feel free to walk wherever you want, people will respect your space.

One Step At A Time

You can start with one person at a time. You can start conversing with one person one day. I know, it is gonna be a bit hard for you, but you will have to step out of your comfort zone.

This is going to help you with overcoming the huge anxiety of being involved in huge groups altogether.

You can have the basic introductory on the first day and then maintain the bond with regular HI-BYEs. This will not put much of a pressure on you.

You can befriend an extrovert, maybe, for you will not have to start the conversation always and also he can help you with meeting new people and still be comfortable with it as you already have a company and the same will build upon your community skills.

Events Are A Good Option

The coworking space management conducts a lot of events that can be interesting, that can be for building the community feel in them.

This is done so, because, the management clearly knows that both extroverts and introverts thrive in the coworking space.

When coworking spaces arrange such events, try to be a part of it because you can always use the company that you made earlier using the first point. You would gain new friends at the events.

coworking space in gurgaon have workshops conducted to help the introverts in the coworking space.  You can find people who have a similar attitude and thoughts at such events. So that you can connect with them easily.

Communal Lunch

Take the initiative to gout and have food with others. No company is greater than the one’s made over a lunch desk, they say.

Having food together can open discussions for a lot of topics and you can avoid short talks, getting into deep conversations.

Also, the social events can have social drinking which is quite another greater opportunity to connect with people. Avoiding these can cause you to miss on a lot of things, which can even make you uncomfortable the next time when you are in a group.

Working on building relationships and bonds can help you in the course of time to have good company in future.

Make Sure You Recharge Yourselves

Whenever you think you need a break out of the hustles and activities of the coworking space, make time for yourselves to be alone.

You can make use of the coffee room to have a cup of coffee to recharge yourselves. You can be in those intellectual rooms where they have plenty of artistic works. Watching them can make it all easy for you.

There are small booth cabins in co working spaces in mumbai which provide a privacy bubble for the introverts to be happy and be calm when they face a burnout.

In a few coworking spaces, they even have introvert corners where people could just come, take a book, read them in silence and no one would disturb them.

More than thee, it is important that you do not lose yourselves. If you feel like you need help, then you have to reach out. You may take a day off to be yourselves in your niche.

You do not have to change your personality of being an introvert just because to strive the coworking culture. You can all be yourselves and still be a part of the coworking spaces.

It is important that you have to stay sane so that you can concentrate on your work and no other factors affect your productivity.

Introverts are those people who still want to be a part of the community and want to communicate with each other. But, few factors retain them from doing it and make them helpless and thereby left out.

If you are an extrovert, you can generally find out the introvert vibes and it is hence your responsibility to help the other people come out and interact with others.

Accompany them to events and make them comfortable. Its the best gesture to lend a helping hand in the hour of need.

After using these tips, it is sure that you are gonna be having a great time for yourselves, by being yourselves and enjoying all the companies around you.

Have a great time coworking!