Simple Things to Remember When Participating In Trade Shows

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity for any business or company. They act as a convenient platform to market your business or product and also aid in increasing the visibility of your business in the industry Trade shows allow you to audiences directly. Not only does it help you in generating new leads, but trade shows also help your business get introduced to various manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and wholesalers. If you do everything correctly, a trade show can really catapult your business forward and help you market your business effectively and at a lower price than your traditional mediums. However, if you don’t do things properly, you could ruin everything for your business. Instead of growing and prospering, you could just hurt your reputation and make a fool out of yourself. Instead of attracting new customers, you might just push them away. Here are a few simple things to remember when participating in trade sure which ensures that you reap all the benefits out of it.

  1. Train Your Booth Staff And Make Sure They Are Properly Dressed

The booth staff at your booth play a monumental role in your success or failure. One wrong move on their part and all your effort and time and money simply go down the drain. You must make sure that your staff knows how to speak with the people properly, recognize potential customers, and know-how to sell your products or services. Your staff should have excellent interpersonal skills, should be calm and interactive and also make sure that they are dressed in your company’s custom tradeshow uniforms and are loaded with trade show giveaways to give out to the audience. The uniform and giveaway goods should always contain your company logo on them. This is a way that gets people to get to know who you are, and your logo gets etched in their brains. You want them to recognize you wherever they see your logo on a uniform or any object or when they use and see your company’s custom promotional giveaway. This would automatically create a bond that would make the people opt for your goods or services instead of anybody else’s (because they’ve seen it time and time again). Another thing you need to make sure is that your staff should also know the ins and outs of your company and your products and should act like influencers and give it their all every second they spend on the booth. They should know your brand or business ideology by heart and should actually show it all the time with his or her actions.

  1.  Ask Questions And Keep Interacting With The Crowd

Give the crowd time to speak as well. It’s challenging to do that when you’re in the zone and talking about your company and your products but think of the audience. If they keep standing and listening, they’ll simply get bored and move on. The key is to keep them involved. Talk a bit and ask questions. This way, they won’t even know it and will stay and talk to you for a long time. Keep the crowd engrossed. By asking questions, you not only make the customers stay longer, but you also catch their attention. People would hear you out more carefully. When people answer your questions, you can easily find out which of the ones are actually interested in your goods and services. When you find out that, you can even ask for their emails and contact numbers and then do some targeted marketing on them and make sure that the prospects become your customers.

  1. Let The Audience Speak

Remember the 80/20 rule. I know it people tend to get overwhelmed with excitement when they are in their mojo but always try to let others speak. To keep it simple, remember the 80/20 rule. Let the others (audience) speak 80% of the time, and you should talk 20% of the time. When you let others talk and hear them out instead of rambling, they tend to feel good, which then leads to them staying longer. When they stay longer and keep asking a valid question or offer the right advice, you know you’ve got a potential customer right there standing in front of you. You can then put in some extra effort to attract him even more and sell them your products or services pretty quickly.