Memorize The Quran With The Online Quran Learning Academy From Pakistan

Whenever we talk about the memorization of the Quran, it seems very a critical and responsible task. Surely, a responsible person can perform this duty.I have been living in the USA and working in a multinational industry. I always wanted my children to memorize the Quran.The name of my son is Usman and HazratUsman (R.A) was the first Hafiz of the Quran in Islam. That’s why it is my wish to memorize the Quran to my son also. Now the responsibility came on my shoulders to find a trustworthy and experienced teacher.Being a working woman, I cannot bring my children to any madrassah or mosque to learn Quran. Even it is difficult for me to attend a Qariat home while I found online Quran classes as a reliable means to learn Quran. One of my friends suggested me online Quran classes from Pakistan because the teachers are experienced and have certification in the relevant field. The biggest advantage is that I am not bound by the strict time table as I have arranged the schedule according to my routine. I came back home around 6:30 pm and the online class starts at 8:00 pm.

I selected an online Quran memorization facility because I want to save the Quran in the hearts of my children. The teacher has influential English and Urdu communication skills. The experienced teacher guides them about the right path and instructions of Allah for human beings to spend a meaningful life. The way of teaching is very conventional and impressive. The teacher has incorporated modern learning methods to generate interest in Islamic education. My children feel a comfortable and flexible environment where they can directly interact with their teacher. This on-screen learning platform is advantageous for parents also because they can keep an eye on their children.

The online Quran classes from Pakistan provide the best guidance, interpretation, and advice to students to memorize the Quran with proficiency. Besides accurate memorization, the online tutor has focused on the Tajweed rules for proper pronunciation. The qualified teachers started by giving a few verses in the lesson to memorize but now my son can memorize the full Surah as well. Not only my son is memorizing the Quran but also he has started learning the meaning and reasons for revealing verses. He has also focused on the revision session for the previously memorized verses.

I am sure that with the help of an online Quran memorization facility, my son will memorize the Quran with accuracy in a short duration of time. In my opinion, the online tutor is fulfilling the following touchstones to memorize the Holy Quran:

  • To build the Quran memorization abilities among students
  • Understanding of the Tajweed rules to recite the Holy Quran
  • Quick identification and mastery of all letters
  • Understanding the characteristics and articulation of all letters
  • Correct, smooth, and accurate pronunciation of words and verses
  • Teaching the basic grammatical rules of the Arabic language