Know How To Optimize Your SEO

According to the HubSpot report on Inbound Marketing, SEO tops the list in terms of business concerns in 2019. Although many companies find SEO easy to implement or require no investment financial, it is more complex than it looks and requires a lot of time and resources internally. To hope for a return on investment from SEO services, several rules must be known to respond to the Google algorithm, an agency can lighten this task or come to your support.

Use marketing automation  : 

At a time when digital marketing is leading its revolution, marketing automation is proving to be the fashionable technique. A technique often overlooked for the future used by some web marketing agencies, this allows you to save significant time on the conversion process. To cite just one number, companies that use it get a 200% higher conversion rate. (Source: Oracle)

Optimization of landing pages:

Yet another element that will increase your return on investment, the landing page. The stakes are high, converting a visitor into a prospect. To build landing pages that trigger levers of persuasion, a digital agency is an ideal solution.

A landing page, understand landing page in French, is the key page in your transformation. Visitors must find the strengths of your solution there to be convinced of your solution and fill out a contact form.

Use paid campaigns 

Unlike natural referencing, Google Ads campaigns offer immediate results and cost control in real time. In order to increase your return on investment, it will be essential to carry out this operation on hard-hitting keywords and to set up a regular analysis of the results.

You will understand, having recourse to a digital marketing agency, expert in inbound marketing, will facilitate your task. A  digital strategy is long to implement and requires real know-how, delegating this task will allow you to refocus on your core business.

The services that a digital marketing agency can offer

Defining needs is the most important step in setting up your digital marketing strategy. Do not hesitate to linger to define priorities. An external agency can assist you in this process. She will give you the right techniques and see your weaknesses.

Generate leads 

In the B2B sector, the purchasing process is more complex and above all longer. This is why, your objective is often the generation of leads (creation of contact card), the generation of leads. This is like collecting information about a potential customer. This information will allow the company to get in touch with him and offer him the most personalized offer possible.

To generate potential customers, we must therefore succeed in obtaining information concerning them which will allow us to contact them afterwards. This happens most of the time, by creating a landing page with content made available to the customer (brochure, white paper, etc.) available in exchange for an e-mail address, for example.

We can also generate them via other tools of our content strategy: blogs, newsletters, social networks, SEO / SEM … But remember that the purpose of this step is to obtain information about the visitor: a phone or one more email address.

The implementation of conversion tools is therefore a very important element of the marketing strategy and this also involves quality in the content offered, but also in the form (video, photos, infographics, white paper, blog article …).

Your content must be appropriate for your target audience and send them the right message at the right time. Hence the interest in developing personas buyer as seen above.

But what to do with all this information? 

You must, if it is not already passed on a data management system also called CRM. This tool can be implemented by your marketing agency, it will allow you to create a database through the collection of information. This will be particularly useful in the development of an e-mailing campaign among others.