Interesting Facts About Study CFA in Saudi Arabia

The CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) certification has become highly-recognized and excellent designation in today’s world. The initial step toward achieving qualification is enrollment for Study CFA in Saudi Arabia. The syllabus will cover skills and concept candidates required at every stage of their careers. That’s associated with academic knowledge, current practices and professionalism to develop a strong base of advanced investment analysis and portfolio management skills.

If you’ve this prestigious certificate, you can get global entry into the financial market. Also, this advanced recognition opens multiple opportunities for candidates to the finance industry. An expert analyst can help businessmen to target higher opportunities in business growth with maximization of profits. However, to Study CFA in Saudi Arabia, you need to have the following qualifications-

for level one courses – candidates should be in the final year of graduation;

minimum four-years of qualification along with documented working experience, besides qualifying all three levels of examination.

Benefits of CFA Certification

There are numerous advantages of qualifying these finance-oriented courses and some of them are as follows-

  1. Cost-Effective

If you compare this worldwide certification with other financial courses like MBA, the CFA certification is relatively less-costly and offers uniformity across the globe. Also, candidates can pursue this course while continuing work that incurred less opportunity costs.

  1. Better Job Opportunities

If you’re interested in developing in this finance industry, you should be knowledgeable about the skills and efforts required to become CFA Charterholders. To acquire the necessary skills, professionalism and knowledge of Charter isn’t that simple. A candidate needs to give full-time focus and dedication to qualify in this program.  

  1. Global Recognition

This effective course is recognized by universities, regulator and certified programs in over thirty countries and territories. Also, the charter has high-demand in today’s financial market.

  1. Options of Career Advancement

If you complete this program, you’re allowed to become a member of this renowned institution, which has a worldwide network of numerous professionals. That’s an elite club to join the networking opportunities with other professionals. This program even prepares candidates for multiple investment-related jobs, like finance risk manager, portfolio manager and research analyst.

Curriculum of CFA Certification Courses

The key topics covered by this course syllabus as per examinations are as follows-

Level 1

  • 12% on Quantitative Methods
  • 20% on Financial Reporting & Analysis
  • 7% on Corporate Finance
  • 10% on Economics
  • 10% on Equity Investments
  • 10% on Fixed Income
  • 5% on Derivatives
  • 4% on Alternative Investments
  • 7% on Portfolio Management
  • 15% on Ethical & Professional Standards

Level 2

  • 5-10% on Quantitative Methods
  • 15-20% on Financial Reporting & Analysis
  • 5-15% on Corporate Finance
  • 5-10% on Economics
  • 15-25% on Equity Investments
  • 10-20% on Fixed Income
  • 5-10% on Derivatives
  • 5-10% on Alternative Investments
  • 5-10% on Portfolio Management
  • 10-15% on Ethical & Professional Standards

Level 3

  • 5-15% on Economics
  • 5-15% on Equity Investments
  • 10-20% on Fixed Income
  • 5-10% on Derivatives
  • 5-15% on Alternative Investments
  • 40-55% on Portfolio Management
  • 10-15% on Ethical & Professional Standards

Career Opportunities in CFA Charter

There are multiple career options for the CFA Charterholders, which are as follows-

  • Research Analysts
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Financial Consultants
  • Chief-Level Executive
  • Finance Risk Managers
  • Relationship Managers
  • Corporate Financial Analysts
  • Financial Advisors

In order to pursue this designated course needs several introspection and research abilities among candidates. Also, if you’ve plans to Study CFA in Saudi Arabiamake sure you’re dedicated and passionate to study hard. If you’re ambitious regarding your career and want to enhance your knowledge in this industry, you should focus on all three levels rather than anything else happening in the world.