Insider Tips For Creating a Twitter Marketing Strategy

All social networking sites have individual traits. Take Twitter for example. According to surveys, the micro-blogging site has a major influence on users when it comes to buying decisions. It also has one of the highest numbers of active users in terms of engagement which allows for greater social reach for a brand product. Interaction through tweets has proven beneficial for various major brands. 

It is, therefore, essential to include Twitter in brand campaigns. 

Twitter Marketing Strategy 

Let’s have a look at how a brand could ace the Twitter marketing game! 

1. Post Unique Content

Twitter is a place that treats everyone alike. Celebs, brands and regular users have an equal chance in increasing their followings which is only possible through content that stands-out! 

The blue-bird app Twitter restricts its users to 280 characters per tweet. Therefore, it becomes important for brands to put their resources in creating unique, short and catchy content for twitter. 

Researches have proved that brands with humor quotient have more success with the audience and their content gets more reach as retweets. To tell the truth, brands that use cheeky tweets along with user-generated content get more engagement than those who don’t. Twitter also promotes the word of mouth marketing for a brand product. 

Apart from the content part, brand handles could also involve the Twitterati in their hashtag campaign through interesting contests and discussions. If done right, the brand hashtag campaign could also make it to the trending list on twitter. 

2. Invest Time In Tweet Bank

Brands usually have a great start on Twitter. They just need to create an account and start tweeting to interact with the audience. But, this soon fades out as twitter is ever-changing with trends and the latest news. 

Therefore, it is important to put brains behind creating a marketing plan to avoid last-minute blunders. The right way is to build a tweet bank for brand campaigns. 

There are tools in the market that help in creating a tweet reserve in advance. Such tools also ensure timely publishing and scheduling of tweets which lets the audience see the dynamism streak of the brand. 

3. Embedding Twitter On Website

By combining social media channels like Twitter with the digital channel such as the company’s website, a brand could secure maximum presence in terms of social reach. 

It lets a brand drive its twitter traffic to the website where chances of possible conversions are higher. It is also an excellent approach to increasing website performance, especially for an e-commerce business. 

Through a Twitter Feed on the website, a brand can showcase the user-generated content of twitter users about their product experience. This inculcates a sense of trust in website visitors. Also, having a twitter wall on a website increases its visual appeal that engages the website audience. 

Hence, the dwell time of the website also increases as visitors spend more time on the website viewing the dynamic twitter content. 

The Twitter wall on the website can be embedded by using a smart social media aggregator tool that helps in curation, moderation, and customization of tweets. 

4. Personalized Brand User Dialogue

To have a strong social media influence, brands need to foster interactive and two-way communication with its users. This could be done by using twitter as a quick conversational platform. Twitter also has a direct messaging feature that lets consumers personally connect with the brand handle. 

By understanding that every user is different, a business should give a touch of personalization to all interactions it has with the inquiring consumer. The more individualistic approach, the higher the chances of audience retention.

5. The Power of Twitter Video Marketing

Video marketing is at its highest peak in terms of user engagement. Nothing catches the audiences’ eyes better than visual media. By adding videos on the Twitter account, a brand could deliver interesting information about its product to the target users without boring them to death. 

Hence, it is obvious that brands should allocate time and energy in creating engaging videos for their Twitter following. This boosts the marketing strategy and leaves a powerful impression on viewers’ minds.

6. Campaign Analysis

No marketing campaign could thrive for long without having to monitor the key results and parameters. The same goes true for Twitter marketing plans. The entire ROI of the campaign depends on how frequently brands analyze their twitter campaigns and know when to pull the switch on the ones that are not giving desirable output. 

Keeping a track of tweet performance, its reach and impressions help in saving a lot of time and resources in creating a successful content marketing strategy for Twitter. 


Twitter is on the surge and is seeing new users joining the league every other day. In such a case, brands need to harness the power of Twitter and plan smart and effective marketing campaigns for the same. By using the above tips, businesses can gear towards success with their twitter audience.