How to Spy on Phones Remotely and Secretly?

Cell phone devices are important and necessary technological creatures these days. Therefore, we all need these devices and we are quite dependent on it. We use it for many reasons to communicate with friends and family. Moreover, people are using mobile devices for professionals and personal reasons. Therefore, the communication has shifted on cellphone devices and in-person communication has been decreased since we have got the technology in terms of these gadgets. So, there are plenty of people out there who want to spy on mobile remotely and secretly.

These people are mostly parents, employers, and individuals. Parents want to monitor kids’ and teens’ devices to set parental control on their inappropriate activities, and business professionals want to listen to employee’s conversations in working hours for business safety.

However, individuals can track their handset to make sure data safety and the communication they have done over a certain period. Let’s get to know how you can do surveillance on someone’s mobile remotely and without them knowing.

Install cell phone spying software on target device

Step1: Get subscription via visiting the official webpage

Your mobile browser should have internet access and then find out the official page of TheOneSpy mobile spy. When you have got access on the page then gets a subscription following the OS of the device. Moreover, check your email and get the credentials likewise password and ID.

Step2: Physical access to the target cellphone

Now get your hands on the target handset and start the process of installation once you have got the mobile in your hands. Furthermore, complete the process of installation properly as soon as possible and finally activate it on the target device.

Step3: Activate your web control panel

Recall the credentials that you have acquired at the time of subscription and use the credentials to get access to the online dashboard. Besides, having access to the web portal visits the sturdy features that help you out to get your job done.  You will get plenty of tools that empower the user to remotely and secretly track the target device to the fullest.

Use Phone spying app powerful tools to spy on mobile remotely

Live screen recording

The end-user can secretly get access to the web control panel of the mobile surveillance app. Now tap on the live screen recorder. It will instantly start recording a series of videos of the target device screen and delivers it to the dashboard. You can get access to the dashboard and you can watch all the recorded video data to know about the activities happen on the target handset.

Remote spy

Users can perform secret and remotely spying on target devices using an online dashboard. You can block text messages sent or received remotely and in a sneaky on the target device. Moreover, you can block incoming calls remotely and last but not least you can block internet access on the target cellphone.

Surround recording

You can remotely control target mobile MIC in a sneaky way and further record surroundings and then deliver the recording to the web portal. You can listen to the surroundings and get to know about hidden and long distant target cellphone surround conversations.

Call recording

Users can record live mobile calls no matter what incoming or outgoing in a sneaky way without having a target device into your hands. You can save the data of the calls to the dashboard as a reminder.


You can get access to the target device screen activities remotely and further schedule plenty of screenshots with a single tap. You can see what is going on the target mobile screen and stay updated.

Email tracking

Use the web portal and tap on the spying email tools. It will empower you to get access to the email account active on the target device. Users can read the sent/received primary, promotional and social emails in the inbox.

Social media monitoring

Secretly get access to the target device installed instant messengers and social media apps and get the logs remotely. You can get logs such as conversations, shared multimedia, text messages, audio-video call logs, and Voice messages.


You can spy on phone secretly and remotely with mobile tracker and make you updated what is going on the target cellphone device with time stamp.