How To Prepare For Your Most Important Journey Of The Year, The Hajj

Hajj takes place during the final month of the Islamic Calendar which is ‘Zul-Hajj’. More than 2 million Zahireen visit Saudi Arabia to perform the transcendental Hajj. As we all know that Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam on whose shoulder Islam is basically stands. All the adult, able-bodied and financially able people are to perform Hajj. It is a necessity of the religion of Islam. Performing Hajj can be a difficult and hard job and that is why you need the best Hajj packages and some other necessary things before you start your Hajj journey.

Four Essential things to prepare for Hajj:

Below we will mention some of the essential and important things that you need to do before you go to Saudi Arabia for Hajj.

  1. Be prepared physically:

The most important thing before you buy the best Hajj package from Karachi is to determine whether or not you are physically able to perform Hajj. You will have to walk hundreds of miles under the sun so you should be fit for it.  If you want your Hajj to go well you should manage your diet and do some exercises and walking before leaving for Hajj so that the pilgrimage becomes easy for you. You should pack energy bars, glucose sachets, and sweets for endurance. It is also necessary to bring on Hajj your hygiene and sanitation stuff. Pack tissues, sanitizers, soap, wet wipes, masks, and other hygiene products. You should also pack your most comfortable shoes and socks because you will be walking a lot and your feet should be comfortable at all times. Make sure you pack all the important things like caps, zip lock bags, Vaseline and leave all the unnecessary things at home. Also don’t forget to bring all the essential medicines like painkillers, bandages, and any pills that your doctor gave you.

  1. Keep the weather conditions in mind:

Weather is one of the most important things which you should consider for Hajj. Saudi Arabia is a desert country which means that in the Hajj season it is extremely hot. The temperature can get up to 40 C in the morning and up to 20 C at night. So, you need to consider the weather when you are packing clothes for Hajj. You should be prepared adequately for the warm weather during the day. For protection you can bring along with you umbrellas, caps, water bottles, and a towel to wipe sweat and mini battery fans. In the same way, take one or two things which will also help you in case the weather turns chilly.

  1. Prepare yourself religiously:

By preparing oneself religiously we mean that you should take things along with you which will spiritually and internally aid you. Things that are far from materialism. The religious things you should take along with you for Hajj are an Ihram, a pocket Quran, a prayer mat, a counter and a fanny pouch that can contain all these things. All these things are a must for your journey.

  1. Seek advice from people who recently went for Hajj:

Before you decide which are the best things to carry with you, which is the best Hajj group in Karachi is and which vaccines are necessary for Hajj you should talk to someone who recently went for Hajj. They will give you all the important update and will tell you what you need to take with you and what you don’t have to take, etc. the Hajji will also know about the best Hajj group and what are the current rules and regulations of performing Hajj and Umrah. To make sure that you ask about everything important, make a list of questions and ask them. You can also write down their answers to make sure you don’t forget anything.