How to Make Slate Floors Shine Easily | Slate Cleaning

Slate tiles require a huge monetary investment, but their uniqueness, durability and beauty make this investment worthwhile. Being naturally long-lasting, slate floors do not require cleaning as extensively as another tile flooring. However, that does not mean that the maintenance needs of slate tile floors can be overlooked. This is why we have here a list of ways to make slate floors shine and sparkle easily. The use of domestically available materials in cleaning slate is also highlighted since it is a good way to save money and cleaning slate tile floors effectively. Also, professional cleaning methods are a promising way to uphold the originality and quality of slate tile floors.

Domestic Products:

However, slate tile floors cannot be cleaned using the same domestic products as are used for another tile flooring. This is because acid-containing elements react negatively to the slate surface and make their condition worse. Slate cleaning requires the use of alkaline products to yield shine in slate.

Warm Water:

Mopping the floor with warm water also tends to do the trick of extensive cleaning slate. Once the dirt and debris are removed from the surface of slate floors, the clean and spotless surface appears.

Laundry Detergent:

Another useful combination for slate cleaning is that of liquid laundry detergent with warm water. Applying this mixture on tile flooring and using a mop or scrub to go over the region cleans the slate tile floor of any impurity.

In case you decide not to dwell on making cleaning solutions for slate floors at home, the choice of industrial cleaning agents is always readily available.

Professional Services:

Despite the abundant cleaning slate methodologies available, many people tend to avail professional services for making their slate floors shine and hygienic. This is mostly because slate tile floors require distinct cleaning and maintaining methodology as compared to ceramic tile flooring.

At Grout Expert, we take your queries and doubts into consideration and evolve our methods accordingly. Out professional slate floor cleaning and stripping services ensure that the cleanliness of your tiles is maintained through and through.

Slate cleaning requires a lot of effort given the fact that only their installation is a complex and time taking process. Slate floors require both penetrating and surface sealers to be properly installed. Being highly porous, the material of slate floors demands professionals to go the extra mile and make sure that all measures necessary to uphold its originality are adopted.

While regular cleaning is the ideal way to hold on to the authentic condition and shine of slate floor alongside preserving the life of sealer, the impending threat of filth accumulation and tile deterioration cannot be put off altogether. However, when such a situation arises which goes beyond the scope of daily cleaning, which is your cue to call in experts!
At Grout Expert, our team of well-trained professionals is prepared to overcome all kinds of slate floor issues and is trained to provide only the best services which are modified according to your requirements!

It is common knowledge that sustaining the authenticity, hygiene and shine of any tile flooring is subject to the application of a suitable sealer; similar is the case for slate tiles. Even though slate tile floors are popular due to their natural durability, they also require a sealer to ward off any threat of contamination and dirt. Our procedure to make slate floors shine focuses on this aspect as well. After a thorough cleaning of slate floors by using a suitable cleaning agent, we inspect the condition of the sealer. It is a given that if the sealer was in good condition, it would not have created a condition which required professional aid in the first place.

Slate Tile Stripping:

Nevertheless, after closely inspecting the tile sealer we decide whether slate tile stripping needs to be carried out or not. The stripping process commences with the removal of the previously existing layer of sealer. This removal allows the resurface of the clean slate floor from below. To keep up the original shine and hygiene of the slate tile floor, a fresh layer of a suitable sealer is applied which prevents the floor from further drastic contamination for some time.

Thus, professional help is one of the easiest and most promising ways to make slate floors shine. If the need ever is, you know who to call!