How Bitzlato Differs From Other Exchangers

This review is dedicated to the Bitzlato cryptocurrency project, which allows you quickly and profitably exchange cryptocurrencies using a web platform and telegram bots.

The article will examine the chronology of the development of the project and its main functions, describe in detail the nuances of registering and confirming the identity, compare the capabilities of the web version and exchange via the messenger, provide an overview of its own exchange and referral attract newcomers, xrp price prediction as well as summarize the opinions of real people and make objective conclusions.

History Of Bitzlato

Since 2013, a group of engineers has been producing mining equipment, hosting client hardware, providing cloud mining services, equipping and launching data centers on an international scale.

In 2016, the founding team released a cryptocurrency wallet with the ability to exchange peer-to-peer. Thanks to the impressive experience of the developers, the product turned out to be extremely convenient and protected by the highest technological standards.

Initially, it was only compatible with Bitcoin and was known as BTC Banker . A little later, “understudies” appeared, created to reduce the load on the original version, as well as its analogues for other popular cryptocurrencies. Due to the expansion of the assortment of currency pairs, the product was able to quickly reach the 2nd line in the rating of all crypto exchangers in U.S.A according to the monthly turnover parameter.

A full-fledged web version of services previously provided only for mobile devices entered the market in 2018.

How To Register In The Service

First you need to click on “Login” in the upper right corner of the main page. Personal information will be sent through the secure auth0 protocol, which guarantees the safety of personal information.

In the auth0 window that opens, it is permissible to log in through your Google account. As an alternative, you can specify a valid email and password, receive an e-mail link and click on it.

How To Pass Verification

In the web version, you need to click on the inscription “Verification” in your account and click on the link provided.

In the telegram bot, you need to click on “About Service”, then on “Verification” and also make the transition.

In the appropriate fields of the form you will need to enter your passport data and email address, as well as send 3 files:

  • Close-up selfie next to an identity card.
  • A photo of the same identity in the background of the Bitzlato website.
  • A video in which the user is clearly visible and he pronounces Verbatim the phrase that he will be asked to voice.

All letters and numbers from the certificate should be visible on the photo. Using graphic editors to change the quality of images is strictly prohibited. Video should be provided in MP4 format, and photos as JPEG, JPG, PNG files.

You Will Also Need To Clarify The Purpose Of The Audit:

  • Get privileges of a trusted merchant;
  • Return the rights to use a blocked account;
  • Restoration of access to the account due to loss of account information.

A correct indication of the goal is a mandatory point for obtaining verified status. Upon completion of the procedure, the account is assigned to one specific person.

Bitzlato Accounts

It is not necessary to carry out the above operations with the camera. However, verified accounts can count on higher trust of both trading colleagues and the administration.

Many customers prefer to interact exclusively with trusted partners to protect their savings from intruders. The status of a trusted trader  Dogecoin price opens up access to a much wider circle of sellers and buyers – and, therefore, more favorable working conditions.

Web Version Of The Service

The web interface consists of services for storing, exchanging and trading cryptocurrencies and fiat money. They include:

  • Reliable cryptocurrency wallet;
  • Access to cryptocurrency exchange;
  • Cryptocurrency market value tracking system.

The “single window” mode applies to all services: it is enough to register only once to get all the functionality at its disposal. If money transfers from one service to another are not carried out, commissions are not charged.

Telegram Bots BTC Banker

Separate specialized telegram bots are designed for bitcoin, altcoins and stablecoins. They were released in 2016 and at that time became an unprecedented innovation for the cryptocurrency market.

For Bitcoin, there are six “clones” identical to each other: if the main one is overloaded with requests, you can turn to any other. In addition, separate bots are implemented for Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Tether USD, Monolith USD and RUB.

All of them will ask you to confirm your agreement with the rules of use, select the desired currency from the proposed list, familiarize yourself with its value and offer a choice of four procedures:

  • Sell tokens;
  • Buy tokens;
  • Switch to safe mode;
  • View the My Ads section.

How To Merge Accounts

The exchanger in the messenger historically preceded the appearance of the web version. As the development of improved solutions, the old tools are updated and transferred to a new technological base.

The essence of combining accounts is that through Telegram and through the web version of the P2P exchanger you can receive the same informational notifications and use the same available balance.

The unification algorithm is extremely simple: in Telegram, click on “Link Web account”, on the web – on “Telegram”.

Concreting Function

The “Concrete” button opens the possibility of converting tokens into Monolith stablecoins (USDM and RUBM) and Tether with an average spread of 0.6%.

The process takes only a few minutes and includes commission fees:

  • 0.05% (Maker) | 0.15% (Taker) – for operations with USDT;
  • 0% – for transactions with Monolith.

At the start of concreting, the balances of crypto-wallets are displayed and the option to view all your placed orders in the “Active Orders” tab is offered.

Bitzlato Exchange

The beta trading platform was released in early 2019. During the first months, the creators intensively collected feedback, and by the end of that year there was a restart in version 2.0: with an updated interface, expanded tools for trading, and listing more tokens.

In the 1st quarter of 2020, according to the road map, it is planned to develop an API and publish documentation for the creators of algorithmic robots. In the 2nd quarter, they plan to expand their trading plans, update their trading tools, and also release a mobile application.

Reviews Bitzlato

Positive reviews are regularly written about Bitslato – you can familiarize yourself with them in the corresponding section on the official website. Here are the aspects that make the authors of the comments highly favorable impression.

  1. All the functionality works accurately, quickly and without failures.
  2. Exchange rates are kept at an invariably attractive level, and reasonable and reasonable commissions are charged for transactions.
  3. You can withdraw earned money quickly and without problems to a bank card or electronic wallet.
  4. Useful background information is published on the informative blog and knowledge base. At the forum, participants exchange experience and practical recommendations.

Negative feedback also occurs, but they come mainly from scammers.


Distinctive features of the Bitzlato platform:

  1. In 2016, she became a pioneer in the cryptocurrency segment via Telegram.
  2. Since 2019, the web version has been conducting exchange trading with bitcoin, altcoins and stable coins.
  3. Two-factor authentication guarantees the safety of personal information and crypto-savings.
  4. It is equally convenient to work with cryptocurrency savings from a home or office computer, as well as on the road or in non-standard locations from a smartphone.

Beatzlato is equally comfortable to use for both beginners and experienced users. This service provider is one of the most demanded in its field in the online space of the U.S.A and demonstrates confident development potential for the future.