Everything You Need To Know About Porting Your Goods And Accessories

Ocean Freight is a method where in you transport your goods and packages in large sizes or quantities via waterways. The goods are basically packed and stored into containers based upon the size and then transported to the destination port. Some the goods cannot be sent via airways or roadways. Mostly ocean freight services are useful when you need to transport heave good to international destinations. So, if you are about to use the ocean freight services and have absolutely no knowledge about the kind of loading services, you need to acknowledge the categories. The services are broadly categorized into two types of services which are classified based on size, weight of your package and are as follows –

  1. LCL (Less than container load) shipping method – In less than container load shipping method, goods that are smaller in size are clubbed with other goods of the smaller size to fill one container. The sizes of goods which are not large enough to fill up one full container are clubbed with other cargos in order to save space and lower the overhead costs. In that case, you do not have to pay for the whole package. The LCL method is beneficial when the goods are up to 15 cm in size. The lcl shipping rates are nominal if met the criteria of dimension and weight. Before the shipper wants to ship his goods through this method, he needs to take care of the following things –
  2. Before the cargo goes on board, its dimensions, weight, commercial invoice, forms and packing list must be submitted to the freight forwarder.
  3. Once everything is loaded onto the truck, it is taken to the destination port and when it arrives then is handed over to the agent.
  4. The agent then ensures the smooth delivery to the warehouse or chosen delivery point.

If you are submitting multiple packages to be delivered, the lcl shipping rates will be applied according to that. Be aware of all these things while shipping from this method.

  • 2.      FCL (Full Load container) shipping method – This method is commonly used when the shipping must happen in the bulk size. Most of the popular sizes of the goods that are transported range from 20 foot to 40 foot and the common dimensions are between (6m X 2.5m X 2.6 m) till (12m X 2.5 m X 2.6m). Full container shipping happens when the size of good equals to the size of container so that shipper must pay for the whole container and pay for the transportation in bulk. The fcl ocean freight rates are cheap as compared to the lcl shipping rates because of its bulk transportation. The basic steps involved in fcl shipping method are –
  • Collecting the containers from yard or warehouse and reaching out to the shipper address.
  • Loading the goods and packing properly into the truck, van, train or any other vehicle.
  • Reaching out to the warehouse of ocean freight service and then the agency ensures a smooth transportation of the bulk cargo from source to destination.
  • The fcl ocean freight method is now bifurcated into four types.

The bifurcation goes as follows –

  1. Door service and load – Delivery happens on the door of the consignee and full free loading option is given. If the loading takes more time than expected, then in that case hourly rates are charged.
  2. Drop and Pick of containers – In case you need to unpack the good by yourself and will take a lot of time then you can request for delivery and then once you are done with unpacking, the containers shall be collected later on. This type of method in fcl ocean freight is little expensive and less used one.
  3. Warehouse shipping – You can transport your goods and drop at the company warehouse. From there they will usually consolidate the goods and deliver to the destination by themselves.
  4. FCL shipping – It happens when the shipper is highly skilled in services. Paying extra charges fcl ocean freight, custom duty fee, additional permissions, loading, consolidating etc.  is handled by the shipper and only fcl shipping is taken care by the company.

There are many service providers such as- dhl, rexxport, ata freight etc. These are some of the magnificent service providers and ensure a smooth and safe delivery to the consignee. Now a days, if you notice, the payments, forms, invoice submissions happen online to better the customer experience and save their travel to the offices. You can easily go through the information and select an ocean freight service based upon the dimensions and weight of your goods. You can also compare between the service providers and select the most feasible one according to you.