Different Roles In Testing Projects

Testing projects come with a wide range of options and it is evident that people end up working in various ways to complete every project in an easy way. It is highly recommended for people to know and understand different kinds of complications arrive in various departments because it helps them to rectify without wasting much time in an easy way. 

Project Sponsors – Project sponsors have a value-for-money attitude towards a project. They influence timelines, team strength, budget and quite often tools & technology used by the dev and testing teams. Even digital marketing can be included in this. Bigger the sponsor, the greater the marketing processes. A lot of best digital marketing companies in Bangalore look for good project sponsors.

Sponsors are one of the important sets of people, who engage in offering additional or extra funds over a period of time. It is necessary for people to know different elements of funding options while taking up because of obvious reasons.

They do have an interest in the competitiveness of the product in their own niche market, though. This area is often overlooked while testing. It is a good idea to have someone research the available market tools or ideas so that the product can have solid requirements and better features. A good way to log those ‘feature requests’ during requirements testing phase is to do this home work and come up with ideas. Wear an entrepreneurs hat while you do the research, so you can get most of your feature requests approved! 🙂

General company’s IT staff – These people would typically co-ordinate between ABC company, SuperDevs team and BestTest team. They’ll have a stake in making sure the project runs smoothly and is delivered on time. They might not influence the functional requirements as much as they would lay down the non-functional ones.

Go talk to some of the IT team members before you write non-functional test cases like expected response time, number of concurrent users etc. They’ll also be your best guides in setting up test labs. Another overlooked area of testing. Several projects run into major / critical issues because the end users’ environment is different from the ones used by testing folks to test.

The development team (SuperDevs in our scenario) – Yes! They have an interest in the quality of product delivered, therefore they are also project stakeholders. Though they do not influence the functional aspects of a product, they’ll definitely make a difference to it.

Be it requirements testing, design & code reviews, buddy (pair) testing – there are several ways you can work alongside developers to improve quality of your product.

The testing team (from our example, the BestTest folks) – Are they one of the stakeholders? What do you think?

Are there any other stakeholders you can think of?

I’ll leave these questions open for you to mull over. Do share your thoughts in the form of a comment so we can discuss and debate.

This article enlists some of the areas which a testing team can better cover. Testers and test managers, next time you are assigned a project you can create a similar list of stakeholders and make sure you cover everyone’s interests. You’ll surely see some reduction in issues that escape to the production environment.