Best Education Software for You to Teach Online

Today we are going to be discussing my top four favorite education software packages for teaching online. We’ll discuss what I use for video calling, what I use as an online whiteboard software and what I use to teach maths online. And guess what? All of these tools are either free or very cheap to use, which makes them perfect for teaching online.

Video conferencing software

The education software that I use to record video calls, is called Zoom. It’s a free tool similar to Skype, except that it’s designed to be used for business purposes. This means that the video quality is far more dependable, assuming that you and your student are both connected to a wireless router. Which I definitely emphasize as being very important. To use Zoom, basically you start the meeting, I’ll join with my audio and video, and then my student will have a URL to join the meeting and it’s gonna have the ID that’s listed. They then use that link to join the meeting with me and so they’ll be able to see me, I’ll be able to see them.

Whiteboard software

hat we’re going to end up using for the majority of the call is Bitpaper which is an online whiteboard software. Actually, there’s also an online whiteboard software that is native to Zoom and you can see that when you select a whiteboard, and you can see that open on the screen.

It’s kind of basic functionality, however. If you want to edit text or anything like that, you can’t really control the font size or anything. So I don’t really like the Zoom whiteboard. So the next tool I’m going to be discussing with you is Bitpaper. Bitpaper is kind of the missing component in your education software toolkit. Basically, you can copy the Bitpaper link, go back to the Zoom call and while that student is with me on the call, I’m gonna paste that link into the chat so they’re going to be able to join that bit paper page with me.Once they are there, we are going to be able to both share the screen at once, and you can both type at the same time, etc.

Maths software

Now I’m going to show you another education software tool that I use, to conduct the actual lesson. Since I’m a math teacher, I use Khan Academy. I could either go directly to Khan Academy and share my screen with the student, and we can both work on this at once or if I want the student to have more control over you know working out the problem, I would take a screenshot of the problem and paste it into bitpaper and we’ll work on it.

Student survey

I know that some people prefer to use something like Google Forms, however I find those really clunky and not very user friendly. I actually use some software that was designed to send employee satisfaction surveys, so not really for students, however I had a teacher friend tell me about it, and so I used it, and loved it. Anyway, the survey software is called 6Q, you can sign up for a free 25 day trial, and then after that it is only a few dollars a month per student. I run these surveys once per month, to make sure students are engaged and happy with what I am teaching them, generally.


There you have it, four of my favorite teaching software tools that I use to teach online.I trust you enjoyed this article, please give it a share, and look forward to sharing more online teaching information soon.