7 Cheap Beach Vacation Places to Travel in 2020

Playa del Carmen, Mexico - January 7, 2016: Unidentified people walking in white sand on the north beach of Playa del Carmen in Mexico.

Tired of trying to find the best and most affordable vacation spot but you can’t seem to find one? Whether it’s affordable accommodation, exotic yet cheap cuisines or a convenient route to the beach, we’ve got you covered. Here are the world’s 7 cheapest beach vacation spots you can travel to in 2020. It will help you relax and take a much needed break without being too hard on your wallet.

1. Thailand – Cheap Beach Vacation

Home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet coupled with its tropical climate and the local cuisines. It has been the best travel places for many people. Much of it popularity has to do with the fact that it offers so many options for you to choose from. The lonely beach where you can spend your nights at the beach house for a measly price of 10$/night and if your into Thai food that will only set you back 1$ while satisfying your stomach and your taste buds a like. Koh tao is becoming a prominent place for diving and snorkeling if that’s your thing or you could rather go to Koh pah Ngan, preferably on the night of the full moon to enjoy their full moon parties that it’s so famous for. First you need to travel to surat thani by plane, bus or train and from there all three islands can be reached by ferries 

2. Egypt – Cheap Beach Vacation

Egypt has made its name amongst the cheapest travel destination for decades, especially amongst those who are looking to escape the harsh cold weather of Europe and soak up the sun.  But many travellers come to Egypt in summers to take advantage of the lower prices in that season.

Sharm el sheikh a popular beach resort is the host to one the best diving spot in the world.

Although it has its fair share of pricy accommodation, you can still find double room hotels for about 20$. Food ranges from a few dollars to much more, so there are options to choose from .

Sharm ul shiekh has its own airport and flights circulate throughout the year.

3. Morocco – Cheap Beach Vacation

Morocco is situated in North Africa and touches both the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It directly competes with Spain, Egypt, Portugal, and Italy due to its location but comes first when it comes to saving cost.

Qualadia, a coastal village on the rise of becoming the best in the country having great conditions for surfing, while the Essaouira(seaside fishing village) is known for its white and blue buildings.

Guesthouses (converted homes) start from 20$ but the sea view hotels are 50$ per night. Food can be purchased from street vendors at a low cost of 5$ only but anything targeted towards tourist will be double the price.

Take a plane to Marrakech then either rent a car or go in a local transport to Oualida .

4. Philippines– Cheap Beach Vacation

Philippines consist of more than 7000 islands making it the longest coastline in the world. Its famous for being a cheap vacation spot. The island of Boracay’s white sandy beaches, no less than the beaches found in Thailand or Carribbean, are  beach party hotspots.

Beat time to visit is June-September where rates are the cheapest . A room will set you back 20$ or a double bedroom in a 3 star hotel will set you back 35$.

Street food cost a couple of dollars along with some budget food but a fine dine will cost around 10$.

The islands is an hour away from the countries capital ,Manilla. You can board a plane to Kalibo international airport which is the closest to the island.

5. Malta– Cheap Beach Vacation

Malta while not a very popular place to visit among travellers, (as oppose to Italy or France) is a home to some on the most amazing beaches  with great diving conditions.

Gozo is the beach of choice among majority of travelers. It also has historic fortification adding further to its attraction.

If hanging out, soaking up the sun and snorkeling is your thing then the no sand beach of dweja should be right up your alley.

Gozo, being low-key, allows for the prices to be low with rooms costing 65$ per night during the summers.

Malta’s very own airport forms a Hub for air Malta and Ryanair.  You can also take a ferry from Catania or Possallo, Italy to reach Malta.

6. Bulgaria – Cheap Beach Vacation

Bulgaria’s coastline touches the black sea and is a much cheaper and warmer vacation spot than Romania (neighbour).

Albena, sunny beach, Balchik and Nessebar all low budget  beaches , apart from a few sights to see in Varna and Balchik these beaches offer a generic experience that you’d normally find in a beach but at a more affordable price

Staying at albena will cost you 26$, breakfast included while rooms in Nessebar cost around 20$. A dinner for two will cost you almost 20$.

You can travel to Sofia and then take a  bus, or a car to travel to the resort Varna is also an option considering its closest to the black sea coast, the flights their might be too expensive. You can also fly to Bucharest and take a bus to the spot.

7. Panama – Cheap Beach Vacation

Panama coastlines touch both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean and are one the rise to being a popular tourist attraction in the world.

Bocas del Toro is a small beach and its possible to reach the other end by walking. It has its fair share of expensive hotels but the cheaper accommodations will cost you no more then 25-40$ a night. An alternative could be staying in the Panama city (although rooms can be expensive) and visit the beach from their cheap, set meals in Panamanian restaurants are around 5$.

You can board a plane to Tocumen international airport and from there on words book a domestic flight, rent a car or ride a cheap bus to the resort.