5 Fun Games to Play in Family Holidays

Any party is an opportunity to party! However, even the sweetest person who has the most to say can get bored at family reunions. An era of fun and fun family games is here, all of which contribute to the atmosphere and make your celebrations unique.  The best option for spending time with family is going to come play area. There are many play areas for family entertainment in Lahore where you can find interesting games but what if you are not going somewhere and want to spend time at home then? In this article, I want to offer you some that are suitable for people of all ages at home

Roll a Gift:

Two players came out and stood side by side. The moving hands clung to them, their empty hands (left hand with one hand and right hand with the other) had to put the gift in the box, cover it and gently wrap it with a ribbon wrapped in the newspaper

Call 2 or 3 pairs and the one who can meet faster and more accurately wins. Requires: 3 containers, take the presents off the table. 3 ribbons and 3 double layer newspapers.

Do not slam on Wednesday:

The number of participants is arbitrary. Everyone sits at the table. The host starts listing every day of the week and welcomes every name. The participant in the game knocked on him several times. Except for Wednesday, slam every day of the week. Those who strike the phrase “Wednesday” will be removed.

Plasticine Nose:

Each participant was called on his side, his eyes folded and a ball of plasticine held in his hand. The winner closed his eyes more precisely and closed the plasticine’s nose on the pictures of birthdays or of these people (see above).

Words from matches:

To start, write something interesting on a small piece of paper, like “look for more” or “don’t drink champagne” and then write “gift” on it. Now gently place a piece of paper in each balloon, and then inflate it. After we hung them on the rope. Participants have to guess which ball is the prize. Participants select balls in turn and then collect them. They then folded a piece of paper and if a gift was written on it, it would be presented to the winner.

And where is the present?

Required for the game: two threads, four participants, 30 knots wash.

First, select four participants and we will form two pairs. A few participants were tied together. On the other hand, the team leader launched 15 wash buttons at various positions on the clothing. The blindfold task is to find and remove the 15 wash buttons in 15 minutes. The team that accomplishes this task faster will be the winner.


For the competition, you need two in the lead; four participants; 30 clothespins.

First, four participants are selected, of which we form two pairs. One participant in a pair is blindfolded, and the other leads the manager to 15 clothing clips in clothing in various places. The blindfold task is to find the 15 clothespins in 3 minutes and remove them. The team that accomplishes this task faster will be the winner.


The players form a circle. Host command: “Touch the yellow, two, three!” The player tries to solve the hidden coloured objects (objects, body parts) of the other participants in the circle as quickly as possible. Who doesn’t have time to leave the game? The host repeats the command but uses the new colour. The winner of the match remains last.