4 Creative Stunning Perfume Packaging Ideas to Delight Your Customer

Fragrances are one of the most consumed cosmetic items that are used by men and women of all age groups, genres and social statuses. They are associated with aroma and are instrumental in enhancing the personality of the users. They are needed to be preserved by using proper coverings so that they remain in their best quality and form during storage and packaging.

Therefore, proper perfume boxes are utilized for this purpose. These containers are available in numerous shapes and sizes and can also be customized into numerous designs and colors to make them more acceptable to the customers and enhance the aesthetic effects of the product packed inside. Various stunning ideas can be implemented in their packaging as described below.

Double Cases:

Fragrances are mostly in the form of liquid or spray that are applied on the body or clothes to make a positive impact on the personality. They are traditionally packed in the coverings made up of glasses. These glass containers may be fully transparent or sometimes they are shaded into numerous themes to make them more appealing and tempting. But glass is a brittle substance and is vulnerable to damage due to bumps, jolts or accidental falls while its transportation from one place to the other, its storage or during its general usage. Hence, the customers are always in a state of worry regarding the safety of their product. It is a known fact that fragrances are considered lavish items as they are expensive in price. Therefore, any damage to them would result in a huge financial loss of the buyers. Other than that, these items are also frequently given as gifts on various occasions like birthdays, engagements, weddings etc. to enhance the importance and significance of the event. Thus, they serve as a token of remembrance for the users. In this case, if they are damaged or lost, the owners would suffer from great psychological stress and frustration. This whole condition can be avoided by using double containers. In such a structure, the glass bottles of scents are protected by placing them into suitable and sturdy covers of appropriate size. This second case is usually made up of cardboard due to the extreme strength and durability of the forming material. Moreover, cardboard can also be shaded into any required color theme or into a combination of various colors. In this way, the sense of security is provided to the buyers in an elegant and adorable manner that is the source of providing them delight and joy.

Addition of a Window:

The customers are inspired and fascinated by anything unique and innovative. A touch of uniqueness can be given to the encasements of scents by adding a feature of the window. The display value or shelf value of the item enhances manifold by implementing this strategy. It is rightly said that if anything is of pure nature and superior quality, then why there is any need to hide it from the eyes of the observers. This structure is formed by cutting a small portion of the external container into a square, round or any other shape and then placing a transparent sheet of plastic at this point. When the buyers see their favorite product in such a unique packing, it’s worth further enhances in their eyes. This style is widely utilized these days as it has a special liking among the masses. Therefore, a number of manufacturing companies or organizations have ensured that they are easily available to the retail shop owners in small numbers as well as in the form of custom perfume boxes wholesale to ensure the smooth running of the operations of the business.

Using Metal Coverings:

Meta is regarded as a symbol of royalty as it has a strong structure and a shiny outlook. It would prove to be a great and stunning idea to use this material in the packaging of fragrances. It can be done in numerous ways. For example, the bottles of scents can be manufactured from metal. These bottles are in the form of an elongated cylinder and their opening is protecting by adding a cap that can be easily removed by hands as and when required. Similarly, the outer case of the glass bottles of scents can also be prepared from metal to ensure the durability and give shiny look the item. Various types of pictures of famous personalities and colorful graphics can also be printed on the surface of the metal with the help of the latest and high tech printing technologies. These Perfume Boxes are pivotal in captivating the interest and grab the attention of the observers. The customers are extremely delighted by this idea and they would be persuaded to make a purchase.

Brand Identification:

Another creative idea to stun the audience is to print the name of the brand or company producing the product on the coverings of the scents. This name is a symbol of originality and genuineness of the product as it exhibits that the producers have nothing to hide from the customers. It cannot be denied that most of the people in this age are brand conscious and prefer a certain brand over all the others. The brand can be made more popular and acceptable to the target audience by this strategy. The graph of the sales reaches the next level by this strategy as the buyers are extremely delighted by this idea.